Manager’s Messages

Move Guidelines

Dear Eastern Resident, Below are the move guidelines for the building. With the large number of moves lately, it’s a good idea to know the guidelines to ensure a smooth move. Please contact Management with any questions. MOVE-IN/MOVE-OUT PROCEDURES 1. Prior to Your Move. To insure proper scheduling and availability of the move-in elevator designated for your move, please contact the front desk at your earliest opportunity to reserve a time(s) for your move-in. At that time you should review any questions that you might have regarding these Move-In/Out procedures. You must also submit a Move-In/Move-Out Agreement which may be obtained from the front desk prior to you move. 2. Moving Fee and Scheduling. Each resident must schedule their move date. At the time the resident schedules the move, the resident and the Owner (or Owner’s leasing agent) must sign the Move Agreement and provide a deposit of $500.00 to the front desk within five (5) working days prior to the scheduled move-in. The deposit is applicable to all damage, repair, cleaning, losses or other liabilities that may exceed the amount of the deposit. There is a fee for the move coordinator which is $25 per hour with a two hour minimum. 3. Moving Times. Move-In/Move-Outs will be conducted between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. daily, Monday through Saturday, except for the following Holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Yom Kippur, and Christmas Day. Sundays are reserved as a time of quiet enjoyment for all residents and therefore no moving or deliveries are allowed on Sunday. An appointment to schedule a move-in or move-out of the building must be made seven (7) working days in advance of the move to insure access to the elevator within a specific time frame and day. Unscheduled moves or deliveries will not be allowed use of the elevators. 4. Parking. If you are using a professional moving company, be sure to inform them that it will be necessary to park large moving trucks in the loading zone located on 9th Street. If you have any questions or concerns about the size of the vehicle you intend to use please discuss this matter with the front desk PRIOR to the day of your move. 5. Moving Company. Please choose your moving company carefully! You, as the Unit Owner or tenant, are fully responsible for any damage done to the Common Area or Association Property during your move. Because of this liability it is important that the moving company carry its own insurance for such damage. If you plan to move from out-of-state, please either use a destination (local) agent for the company or instruct the driver to call the front desk a minimum of seven (7) working days in advance to coordinate the time of arrival and to insure availability of the designated elevator. Owners who wish to move-in without using a professional moving company may do so providing they meet all the requirements of the moving companies, i.e., scheduling the elevator seven (7) working days in advance of the move and accompanying the Association’s Representative on walk-through before and after the move. THE MOVING COMPANY MUST USE THE PROTECTIVE COVERING FOR THE ELEVATOR CAB WALLS DURING THE MOVING PROCESS. NO MOVES WILL BE PERMITTED IF THE PROTECTIVE COVERINGS ARE NOT FULLY IN PLACE. THE OWNER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL COSTS FOR REPAIRS NECESSITATED BY THE MOVE. Suggestions for Moving Preparation: 1. Make a Plan. 2. Be Sure You Know: • Your unit number. • The day, date, and the block of time you are assigned for the Move-In/Out and have verified this with your moving company. • The size of the designated moving elevator and hallways. The elevator door measure 48”wide and the interior portion of the elevator measures 84” x 45”. • The height of the elevator is 7’- 8”. The elevator has removable ceiling tiles in the back two feet of the elevator which allows us of two (2) more feet in height, for a total height use of approximately 10’ when the tiles are removed. THE FINISH ON THE ELEVATOR AND HALLWAY WALLS IS EASILY DAMAGED AND EXPENSIVE TO REPAIR. Measure your large items to be sure they fit through the standard door openings and elevators. All move-ins and deliveries must be brought into the west loading entrance. AT NO TIME SHOULD THE FRONT BROADWAY ENTRANCE TO THE BUILDING BE USED FOR UNLOADING OF EQUIPMENT OR FURNITURE. 3. Boxes and Packing Materials. Please do not allow any boxes to be stacked in the loading areas or in the hallways. At the end of the move the hallways and elevator must be cleared of all debris. All trash and debris must be carried off-site on a daily basis by your moving company. The trash dumpsters may not be used for disposing of debris. Please contact the front desk for further details. Any Owner who disregards this regulation by leaving packing materials and boxes in the hallways will be required to cover the cost of having a contractor remove this nuisance and fire hazard. 4. Future Moves & Deliveries. In the event that you find it necessary to move or have any items delivered that require two (2) or more persons to transport, you must schedule this with the front desk. A walk-through before and after the move will be made with the individual or individuals making the move or delivery. Please remember the intent of these guidelines is to assure the enjoyment of all and to minimize damage to common areas. Thank you for efforts and consideration.

Annual Fire Testing


Regulation 4 Annual Fire Life Safety Testing

Dear Residents:

The City of Los Angeles Fire Department requires mandatory fire alarm testing of the fire/life safety equipment in the building annually. All Quality Fire Protection, Inc. will be conducting the testing this year. In addition to the common areas of the building, it is mandatory that all individual units’ fire sprinklers are inspected as part of our 5 Year Sprinkler Inspection. For this, access to your unit is crucial. We are requiring access to your unit for this project on:


If you are not able to be present during the testing, we ask that you please leave a key with the front desk. If you already have a key at the desk, we will need your permission to use it for the inspection. Management will be assisting All Quality Fire Protection with providing access to the units.

We recommend that pet owners make arrangements for their pets as the alarms will sound intermittently throughout the day.

We will be starting on the PH level in the morning at 10:00 am and working our way down the building. The testing will end around 4pm.

The emergency power system will be tested and power will be off to the building from 12:00 PM -1:00 PM. Please turn off any electronic devices to avoid service interruptions. If you use Bel Air Internet, your service will be interrupted during the power shut down as well from 12-1.

The elevators are scheduled to be tested as well and will not be in service for approximately 45 minutes towards the end of the day.

We realize that this testing may be inconvenient. However, it is mandated by the City of Los Angeles Fire Department and must be completed. We therefore request that you plan for this testing and schedule meetings, special events, etc. accordingly.

Please be advised, if any units are not tested during this scheduled date then an additional cost to the Association may occur and the Association may, in turn, pass that additional cost onto the Owner.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact management at 213.627.9346. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation, patience and understanding.

Thank you!

Eastern Columbia Management


Updates + Reminders

Dear Eastern Resident,

Here are a few updates and reminders:


As you may know the card readers on the washing machines continue to go offline. We are working closely with WASH to get this issue resolved ASAP. We understand that it is a huge inconvenience when the machines are down and appreciate your patience.

****Plumbing Backups****

Please ensure you notify Management if you ever have a plumbing backup, even if you call out your own plumber. If there is a backup in the line it may be causing issues with other units as well. We recently had an incident where a sink backed up on one floor but it was also affecting the unit below. Unfortunately the owner of the unit below was not home at the time and the sink overflowed into the kitchen. Please notify us so that we may contact the units above or below.

Also, as a reminder, please be mindful of what you put in your sink/garbage disposal. Here is a list of items that should never be placed in the garbage disposal that are notorious for causing clogs:

1 Bones

2 Celery. The fibrous strings tend to tangle around your disposal’s blades.

3 Coffee grounds

4 Egg shells

5 Fruit pits

6 Grease

7 Pasta

8 Potato peels

****Pool Wifi****

Management received feedback that the pool wifi was extremely slow. We contacted Bel Air Internet and they upgraded our speed at no cost since we are a long time customer. As a reminder the pool wifi is Eastern Columbia Pool.

****Board Meeting Reminder****

The next Board Meeting will be next Thursday November 3rd at 7pm in the lobby.

****Water Use****

As you know we are still in a drought and utility costs are on the rise. Here are some items you can do to help conserve water and water costs down.

Water is essential to our everyday lives. And, our supplies are limited…so please use water wisely. Cutting water use inside our homes is really important. If each of us changed our water-use habits, we could save billions of gallons of water. Here’s how you can help:

What you can do: How much you can save:

*Wash only full loads of laundry and dishes Saves up to 50 gallons per week

*Fix household leaks promptly Saves up to 20 gallons per day

*Spend only 5 minutes in the shower Saves up to 8 gallons each time

*Turn off the water while you brush your teeth Saves up to 2.5 gallons per minute

*Buy water-saving devices like high-efficiency toilets and clothes washers. Some of these clothes washers are eligible for rebates!

****HVAC Unit Service Reminder****

Are you properly maintaining your HVAC unit? Lack of maintenance has caused significant damage to several unit interiors and the common area in the past. Repairs have cost the homeowners thousands of dollars, and caused the Association to file claims on the master insurance policy. New claims will likely increase insurance premiums for the Association which will cause assessments to rise.

To prevent this from happening to you, please be sure to check your filters monthly and replace as needed. At least annually, a licensed service technician should check for leaks, make sure the condensate drain isn’t clogged, and flush the system if needed.

(Shai Trabelsi of Creative Construction has performed the above noted maintenance for several homeowners who have been extremely pleased. For information or to schedule an appointment, email

****Back-Draining Toilets****

Do you have a back-draining toilet? Many units in the building were originally equipped with the back-draining toilets. Unlike traditional toilets which drain from the bottom of the toilet, back-draining toilets connect to the waste lines from the back of the toilet.

If you have a back-draining toilet and have never replaced the wax ring, Management recommends that you replace it as soon as possible. The wax rings, which are now over nine years old, have to fight gravity more than traditional installations and are more likely to develop leaks.

Please check around your toilets at the drywall near the floor and notify Management immediately if any moisture is observed.


Brandon Patterson, CCAM-HR

General Manager

Eastern Columbia


Dog Run Maintenance

Dear Eastern Resident,

Please note that on Thursday October 6th the dog run will be out of service for maintenance from 10am to noon. We will be replacing the faux grass and conducting a thorough cleaning of the basin.

We appreciate your patience during this project.

Thank you.


Emergency Preparedness Training + Fire Drill

Are you prepared for an emergency???

On Wednesday, July 13, Olga Menendez of Sure Path Solutions will be conducting Emergency Procedures Training at 6:00 p.m. in the lobby. Topics to be covered include fire emergencies, bomb threats and earthquake preparedness. All residents are strongly encouraged to attend.

A MANDATORY FIRE DRILL will immediately follow, for which all residents must participate, if at home. Once the alarms sound, everyone will be instructed to use the emergency exits to evacuate the building. Please notify Management in advance of the drill if you will need any special assistance.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Paint Project

Dear Eastern Resident,  

Exterior Paint Project Update:  

The scaffolding for the paint project is scheduled to be installed at the back of the building (Hill Street side) on 2/28. It will be erected on the ground floor and run the entire width of the building including the patios of units 101 and 102.  It is said to take two days to install.   The swing stage will then be delivered on 3/3 and will be installed on the pool deck. This will be used to drop down the sides of the building for the prep and painting work. We will provide specific drop schedules very soon.   

All items will need to be removed from the balconies before they get to your drop, so please stay tuned for the specific drop schedule.   

We appreciate your patience during these very important projects.  

Best Regards,  

Brandon Patterson, CCAM-HR
General Manager


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