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Eastern Garden Club!

Dear Eastern Residents,

Become a member of the Eastern Columbia Gardening Club today!

The Eastern Columbia Gardening Club would like to invite you to participate in our activities while enjoying organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs, including parsley, a variety of tomatoes (Juliet, Heirloom, etc.), leeks, red and yellow peppers, chives, thyme, Italian oregano, lettuce, marjoram, geraniums, Moroccan rosemary, Moroccan mint, nasturtium, succulents, and much more.

All members donate their time throughout the year by helping to plant seeds, water (with the garden hose), trim, clean up, and refill the hummingbird feeder. Each member waters the garden based on fixed schedule. Just pick one day of the week that’s convenient for you and water it weekly. We typically do a major clean up and plant news seeds 1-2 times per year on a date that we determine.

If you’re interested in joining the Eastern Columbia Gardening Club, please contact us at and let us know if you’re available for one of more of the following activities:

1. Water 1 day each week
2. Plant seeds
3. Clean up
4. Trim regularly
5. Refill the hummingbird feeder

The garden is located on the rooftop of the parking garage and accessible via the mezzanine.

NOTE: The garden is NOT a place to dump old furniture or plants. We take great pride on our organic garden and would appreciate notifying us if you notice anyone has left their belongings there because it will be discarded.

Thank you to all of our Eastern Columbia neighbors! We look forward to hearing from you!

-EC Garden Club


Updates and Reminders

Dear Eastern Resident,

Here are some updates and reminders:

**DWP – Planned Power Outage**
DWP has notified Management about a planned outage to the building and garage that will take place in the next week or so. The exact date is still being determined as this will affect other buildings nearby but the tentative date is Saturday September 15th. Notification will be sent out once the exact date and time is determined. The outage is said to take 8 hours and will likely happen between 12:01am – 8am. The outage is mandatory and will allow their crews to update equipment and perform maintenance of the line that services our location. DWP stated that they know this may be inconvenient, but this work can prevent a more significant, potentially longer outage from occurring in the future. Management has scheduled additional staff and engineering to be onsite during the outage. Please stay tuned for updates.

Please make sure delivery people check in with the front desk to ensure they make it up to the correct unit number. Please do not fob them into the building or up the elevator to help avoid them mistakenly going to the wrong unit.

**Non Ductile Concrete Building Ordinance**
Earlier this year residents received a notice from the Department of Building and Safety regarding the Non Ductile Concrete Building Ordinance. This new ordinance requires concrete buildings to make appropriate structural earthquake retrofits. Management has been working with the structural engineer firm who did the condo conversion back in 2007. The conversion included these required upgrades and the plans were provided to the city. Management was recently notified that the Department of Building and Safety has removed Eastern from their non-ductile building list and there are no additional structural upgrades that are needed.

Warm Regards,

Brandon Patterson, CCAM-HR
General Manager


Film Notice

Hello Eastern Columbia,

Please note the Orpheum Theatre will have a production company filming Thursday June 14th from 7PM-5AM. There will be a full closure on Broadway between 8th & 9th Streets, Broadway will remain accessible to residents. If you have questions please contact your Property Production Manager (PPM) Todd Wolfe (610) 842-4414 or
Monica Chavez (213) 305-0464. Pardon the inconvenience, we thank you in advance.

Date of Activity : 6/14/18

Hours: 7PM-5AM

Areas of Use:
• Full Closure on Broadway from 8th -9th Street OPEN TO RESIDENTS

Onsite Film Monitor:
• Site Rep will monitor activity while production filming occurs

* Renee Hambley, who many of you know, will be available to answer questions
prior to or after the date of filming, please direct questions to her new email,


Monica Chavez Property Production Manager (PPM)
(213) 305-0464


Meeting Reminders

Dear Eastern Residents,

This is a friendly reminder that the Board Meeting is scheduled tonight at 7pm in the lobby.

Also, the Annual Meeting is scheduled this Wednesday at 7pm in the lobby.  Please make sure to submit your ballot if you have not done so already.  Quorum requires 75 ballots in order to hold the meeting.  To date the Ballot Inspector has received 45 ballots.

Please vote today!

Thank you.


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