Annual Fire Testing

Posted By on February 10, 2017


Regulation 4 Annual Fire Life Safety Testing

Dear Residents:

The City of Los Angeles Fire Department requires mandatory fire alarm testing of the fire/life safety equipment in the building annually. All Quality Fire Protection, Inc. will be conducting the testing this year. In addition to the common areas of the building, it is mandatory that all individual units’ fire sprinklers are inspected as part of our 5 Year Sprinkler Inspection. For this, access to your unit is crucial. We are requiring access to your unit for this project on:


If you are not able to be present during the testing, we ask that you please leave a key with the front desk. If you already have a key at the desk, we will need your permission to use it for the inspection. Management will be assisting All Quality Fire Protection with providing access to the units.

We recommend that pet owners make arrangements for their pets as the alarms will sound intermittently throughout the day.

We will be starting on the PH level in the morning at 10:00 am and working our way down the building. The testing will end around 4pm.

The emergency power system will be tested and power will be off to the building from 12:00 PM -1:00 PM. Please turn off any electronic devices to avoid service interruptions. If you use Bel Air Internet, your service will be interrupted during the power shut down as well from 12-1.

The elevators are scheduled to be tested as well and will not be in service for approximately 45 minutes towards the end of the day.

We realize that this testing may be inconvenient. However, it is mandated by the City of Los Angeles Fire Department and must be completed. We therefore request that you plan for this testing and schedule meetings, special events, etc. accordingly.

Please be advised, if any units are not tested during this scheduled date then an additional cost to the Association may occur and the Association may, in turn, pass that additional cost onto the Owner.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact management at 213.627.9346. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation, patience and understanding.

Thank you!

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